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Average Cost of Car Insurance for 2021

Car insurance is mandatory in almost every state. It provides financial protection in the event of an accident.

Many drivers wonder how much car insurance costs, despite the financial protection it offers. The average cost for full coverage car insurance in the United States is $1,674 per annum or $139.50 per lună. 

Car insurance costs are greatly affected by where you live, your driving record, and your age. Therefore, quotes can vary from person to person.

Your personal situation and comfort level will determine your coverage requirements. Your state may require you to have minimum coverage for an older vehicle.

On average, Minimum coverage auto insurance costs $565 per annum for U.S. drivers. Full coverage car insurance is recommended by most insurance professionals as it provides greater financial protection in case of a claim.

Bankrate’s editorial team used data from Quadrant Information Services in order to present the most current rates for each state or company. This includes both monthly and annual full coverage costs.

The average cost of car insurance by state

It is not as simple as you think to answer the question, “How much does car coverage cost?” The state in which you live and the amount you pay can all have an impact on how much you pay.

The most expensive state for car insurance

Louisiana is home to the highest cost of full coverage auto insurance, at $2724 per year or $227 per monthly.

Louisianans also pay for the highest percentage of their median household income staggering 5.27% is charged for car insurance. Nevada, New York, Michigan, and New York are other high-cost states.

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